Orphanage Named Earth - Saudade LP

by phobiarecords

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Cat. no. PR 164 - more info at www.phobiarecords.net

"Saudade" is our yearning for what humanity has lost and forgotten along the way. The roots. It is a journey back to pre-civilisation era where trust was humanity’s only currency and butterflies never died…

CD on Sanctus Propaganda
Vinyl on Phobia Records
Cassette on both.


released April 29, 2019

Orphanage Named Earth:
Piotr Kimszal - guitar
Piotr Polak - guitar
Hubert Bialobrzeski - bass
Grzegorz Iwaniec - drums
Wojtek Kuczynski - vocals

Spoken word on “They”: Angus Quinn, Ainsley McQueen,
Breagha Cuinn, Onnagh Cuinn, Darragh Cuinn

Recorded and mixed by Karol Kopec and Piotr Polak,
Dobra 12 Studio, January-March 2019

Cover art: Andy Lefton
Booklet art: Olga J’13 Kisielewicz
Logo: Rob Middleton

All songs written by Orphanage Named Earth




phobiarecords Velký Osek, Czech Republic

D-beat / crust / punk label based in Czech Republic. More info at www.phobiarecords.net

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Track Name: They
They gathered on the stones as they usually did at dawn
When the fog was still in the air and the sea brought a fresh breeze They were surrounded by nothing but their common goal
And their future was measured by their deeds.

Birds flew overhead and saw the bonfires they had made
Hundreds of bonfires only birds eye's could see
The trees stood strong and proud, even predators bowed before them Silence brought hope and butterflies never died.

But when clouds covered the sky
When trees fell leaving no shelter for their inhabitants
When the bonfires were silent and no-one came at dawn
They knew then that ego was born.
Track Name: Cradle To Grave
I see them enter new life
Armed with nothing but good will
Free air fills their lungs
And serpents crawl beside

Cradle to grave security

The moonlight, the crops, the water
Plentiful as they may seem
The touch, the breath, the look
Real as they appear

Trust was their only currency
Equality was the governing law
Hope brought peace and tranquility
And butterflies never died…

The Australian aborigines lived in conditions of managed abundance and harmony with the land for sixty thousand years! They didn’t wage wars, they didn’t experience famine, the concept of suicide was unknown to them, they had no government except their local councils and they paid no taxes. They worked three days a week and the rest was leisure.

In our language we have no such word as “please” or “thank you” because what is expected of us is that we share or we give what we have. Today we have to say “please”, we have to say “thank you”, we have to beg for things. In the old days it was just a given thing that we would share things. That was a part of who we are.
/Aboriginal elder/
Track Name: Surpass
With your ultimate powers
Ubiquitous greed
You deny me my freedom
You deprive me of breath

With your passion for life
And my destiny to serve
You write your new chapter
And epilogue for me


My cogs make your machines
My blood pumps your vessels
My time serves your purpose
My clock marks your time

And butterflies will die…

In the exclusion zone around the Chernobyl nuclear reactor, nature flourishes when humans were removed. Without humans, life on planet Earth would run far more smoothly.

Nowadays, “it’s mine”. There are words like “mine”. We don’t share our things any more. It kills, kills us as human beings, as a society, as a race. We deny other people shelter, we deny other people food, we deny other people their survival … purely because of money.
/Aboriginal elder/
Track Name: I Look Beyond
Civilised. The savage who subdues
Civilised. The rapist of the soil
Civilised. The god, self-made
Civilised. The preacher, well-paid

Civilised. The master of the weakest
Civilised. The rat in the race
Civilised. The empty mind
Civilised. The pitiful soul

Civilisation offers me suicide
But I look beyond it
To the past, to those before it
And to the future, to those above it

All national flags represent civilisation, as we know it. Civilisation of subjugation, wars and exploitation. They carry no patriotism nor pride. Instead, they are sullied by war crimes, social injustice and economical exploitation. By the deaths of millions of men, women and children, who died in the name of being civilised.

We refuse. We don’t want something like that. We can’t accept. We would never accept that. We are Baka. We live in the forest. We refuse. We refuse money.
/Odette, Baka tribe, Republic of Congo/
Track Name: Civilised Savages
Chains of independence
Prisons of freedom
Illusion of equality
Weapons of peace

Sociable individuals
Organic chemicals
Discreet surveillance
Classless competition

Civilised savages

Perfected machines
Good looking slaves
Green washed pollution
Modest ego

There are miles of unused, habitable tunnels under cities that are forbidden to the homeless to inhabit them as they are unsafe, unhealthy and unsanitary. But the homeless do inhabit them despite all this, because they’d rather live outside the system than outside any building in the street. And no government would supply the tunnels with electricity and sanitary fittings instead of evicting the homeless by the armed police because that would mean agreeing with those who leave the system, that is not needed in today’s world.

Fear … not for myself but fear for the next generations. Fear for those youths, fear for their future, fear for their souls, their spirit.
/Native American/
Track Name: Leave
Leave the doomed path
Leave the dead end
Leave your own maze
Leave suffering and pain

Arrest your ego

Root out the aches
Abandon the ship you sail
Feel the organic life
Return to what you do best

And butterflies will never die.

All aircrafts and their crews are prepared for any form of attack from passengers. They have a double locked door between their cockpit and the main cabin and weapons on board. But no aircraft crew is prepared for the abandonment of the aircraft. When its passengers decide to leave it, all wearing parachutes and oxygen masks, there is no system that will prevent that from happening. Equally, all governments are prepared for any form of armed revolution. But no government has defence programmes against abandonment. Thus, the new revolution is abandonment.

No! He doesn’t intimidate us. We’ve lived through military intervention for 518 years. We are here, resisting. We are here, alive and fighting. We indigenous peoples are fighters. Peoples born to fight. We are women who fight. Some little president thinks he can hide behind his weapons. He is not going to scare us. Never him, not him. Never, ever him.
/Jaqueline Guarani Kaiowá, Guarani tribe, Brazil/

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