Passiv Dödshjälp / Achilles split LP

by phobiarecords

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Cat. no. PR 096, more info at

Crust vs. hardcore, both from Sweden. Awesome release! STILL AVAILABLE ON BLACK OR LIMITED OXBLOOD VINYL !!!

Pure crustcore power. Pure fucking hate. A split between Passiv dödshjälp (Gävle) and Achilles (Stockholm). On this piece of plastic you can actually hear Passiv dödshjälp turning to the east for help; the first track Parallella världar, could easily have been made by Distress from Russia. Achilles were formerly known as Achilles last stand and formerly from the small town of Oskarshamn, down south Sweden. The music can be described as the cousin to End of all. Excellent metal/crust. No fucking bullshit!


released May 13, 2014




phobiarecords Velký Osek, Czech Republic

D-beat / crust / punk label based in Czech Republic. More info at

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