Putrefaction - Blood Cult LP

by phobiarecords



Cat. no. PR 066, more info at www.phobiarecords.net

Revies from Maximum Rocknroll:
Brooding and epic metalpunk from Ireland. PUTREFACTION temper their foundation in plodding, downtuned D-Beat with bursts of thrash, black and death metal, like if DISFEAR threw on leather gauntlets and started worshipping BOLT THROWER. Shit yes. The sound on this recording is dialed in to perfection and yes, you’ve heard the vast majority of these riffs a thousand times before, but when it works, it works, and luckily theres just enough dynamism in the songwriting to keepthings from dragging. The ripping guitar leads and especially the vocals resemble ACEPHALIX’s more recent material and there’s some incredible double-kick drumming on the B-side, but the overall approach remains closer to burly crust acts like WOLFPACK and OILTANKER. I didn’t grow up listening to the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and some of the MÖTORHEAD riffs are lost on me (sorry, everyone), but the rockin’ elements are balanced by a sense of efficiency and restraint that keeps things from ever feeling overly melodramatic. Always stoked to read artful, articulate lyrics, all the more so in in a style where clichéd, lazy sloganeering is often celebrated and embraced. This record grew on me with every song and PUTREFACTION is definitely a band I plan to keep my eye on.” (Will Blomquist)


released August 27, 2012




phobiarecords Velký Osek, Czech Republic

D-beat / crust / punk label based in Czech Republic. More info at www.phobiarecords.net

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